Cyber Security Manager Salary Trends in India 2024 – A Complete Guide

A cyber security manager holds an important role in organizations today. They are responsible for planning, implementing, managing and upgrading cyber security measures to protect systems, data and infrastructure.

With cyber-attacks growing in sophistication and impact, the demand for qualified cybersecurity managers is accelerating across sectors. Recent reports predict India is expected to have over 1.5 million job vacancies in cyber security by 2025.

Cyber security managers lead diverse functions spanning access controls, network security monitoring, vulnerability management, security awareness programs, and incident response. They also advise leadership and ensure compliance.

Current Landscape of Cyber Security in India

India has been witnessing an exponential rise in cyber attacks over the past few years across sectors. Over 1.39 million cyber security threats and attacks were handled in 2022 according to CERT-In.

Key incidents compromised prominent airports, stock exchanges and power grids. The WannaCry ransomware outbreak impacted over 48,000 computers in India. Financial frauds using digital channels have also surged massively. These threats highlight the need for robust cyber security measures and skilled resources.

Role of a Cyber Security Manager in India

In India, cyber security managers have an instrumental role in developing organizational security policies, executing controls, monitoring networks proactively, coordinating incident response teams during threats, reporting risks to senior management, and ensuring legal/regulatory compliance.

Based on company size and industry, they may specialize in areas like application security, network security infrastructure, security testing, awareness building or security operations and response.

Average Salary and Range for Cyber Security Managers in India

With cyber threats only increasing, there is a huge demand for qualified cybersecurity managers across industries in India. The salaries for this role reflect the high demand, with lucrative earning potential at every level.


Entry-level Cyber Security Managers in India typically earn between INR 6-8 lakhs per annum. 


Mid-level Cyber Security Managers can anticipate salaries ranging from INR 12-18 lakhs per annum, contingent upon experience and skill set. 


Seasoned Cyber Security Managers with extensive expertise often command salaries exceeding INR 25 lakhs per annum. 

Factors Affecting Cyber Security Manager Salaries in India


Experience levels significantly influence cyber security manager salaries, with seasoned professionals commanding higher compensation.


Salaries differ across various regions in India, with metropolitan cities typically offering higher pay scales.


Different industries offer distinct salary packages, with sectors like finance and IT generally offering higher compensations.

Company Size: 

Larger organizations often offer more competitive salaries compared to smaller firms due to the scale and complexity of security operations.

Skills and Certifications: 

Possessing sought-after skills and industry-recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISM, and CEH can positively impact salary prospects.


Advanced degrees and specialized certifications can lead to higher-paying roles within the cyber security domain.

Salary Disparities Across Industries

Industry Average Salary Range (INR LPA) Factors Influencing Salaries
IT & Technology INR 10-20 lakhs Technological advancements, data security regulations
Finance & Banking INR 15-30 lakhs Financial data sensitivity, regulatory compliance
Healthcare INR 8-15 lakhs Patient data protection, compliance requirements
Government & Defense INR 12-25 lakhs National security, data sovereignty

Cyber Security Manager Salary Trends in India 2024

Cyber security as a profession is slated for massive growth over the next 2-3 years. Below we analyze some trends related to salaries and jobs that shape the positive outlook:

  1. Salaries are projected to grow over the next 2 years driven by over 1 million estimated vacancies by 2025.
  2. High demand environment leading to rising pay rates for cyber professionals.
  3. Increased budgets and investments post-pandemic to prioritize security.
  4. New regulations emphasizing cyber resilience to drive roles.
  5. Sectors like healthcare, retail and manufacturing boosting security teams.

Regional Differences in Cyber Security Manager Salary in India

While cyber security salaries across India are expected to rise exponentially, some key regional variations persist currently:

  1. Mumbai and NCR are the highest paying currently, owing to the maturity of sectors.
  2. Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai emerging as key cybersecurity hubs.
  3. Government focuses on infrastructure and skill development nationally.
  4. Tier 2 cities are expected to catch up at 30%+ CAGR next 3 years.

Career Path and Salary Growth Potential for Cyber Security Managers

For well-qualified cyber security managers, tremendous scope exists for fast-tracked growth into leadership roles such as:

  1. Senior cyber security strategy and architecture roles.
  2. Specialist domain architect roles.
  3. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  4. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) positions.
  5. Senior cyber risk and compliance leadership.

FAQs about 

Q1. Are there specific skills or certifications that can impact a Cyber Security Manager’s salary?

Possessing certifications such as CISSP, CISM, and CEH can positively impact salary prospects. Additionally, skills in threat intelligence, penetration testing, and risk management are highly valued.

Q2. How do salary trends for Cyber Security Managers in India compare to previous years?

Salary trends for Cyber Security Managers in India have been on an upward trajectory, reflecting the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field.

Q3. What are the career growth and advancement opportunities for Cyber Security Managers?

Cyber Security Managers have ample opportunities for career advancement, including progression into leadership roles such as CISO or Security Director, consulting opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

Q4. What challenges do Cyber Security Managers face in their roles?

Cyber Security Managers often encounter challenges such as navigating evolving cyber threats, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and balancing security measures with business objectives.


In conclusion, cyber security manager salaries in India are influenced by various factors, including experience, location, industry, and skills. With the increasing emphasis on cyber security and the rising threat landscape, the demand for skilled cyber security managers is expected to remain robust, offering promising career prospects and lucrative salary growth opportunities.

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