Elevate Your Testing Proficiency with
Cutting-Edge QA Selenium Online Training

Become a master in test automation with practical virtual courses

Elevate Your Testing Proficiency with Cutting-Edge QA Selenium Online Training

Become a master in test automation with practical virtual courses

QA Selenium Online Training From India

Selenium has become the top open-source test automation framework for web applications. As manual testing struggles to keep pace, Selenium skills are in high demand.

Our comprehensive QA Selenium online training in India provides hands-on learning to gain expertise in test automation using Selenium WebDriver, Grid, and related tools.

Features of Selenium Online Training Programs

Our Selenium online training delivers an immersive learning experience through:

Interactive classes by certified professionals

Real-world exercises with sample projects

Coverage of Selenium WebDriver, Grid, Python, DevOps tools

Guidance on framework design and coding best practices

Certification exam preparation support

Lifetime access to recordings for self-paced learning

Doubts clearing and mentorship from experts

Job assistance

Our dedicated placement cell will guide you with tailored resumes, mock interviews and job referrals within our employer network to fast-track your job search success.

Access to community forum

You can participate in the peer-to-peer forum to discuss Python-related queries, projects, career growth opportunities with fellow learners and alumni members.

Our Range of Services for AWS Online Training

AWS online job support from India serves as a valuable resource for individuals and professionals aiming to excel in the competitive world of cloud computing. With tailored guidance, real-world insights, and the flexibility of online assistance, you can navigate the complexities of AWS with confidence, ultimately enhancing your career prospects. AWS online job support at RR Swift Solutions enables you to leverage the expertise of AWS professionals to propel your cloud journey forward.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for AWS online job support, ensuring that you receive the guidance and assistance you need to excel in your AWS-related endeavors.

1. AWS Service Implementation and Configuration
Our experts will guide you through the process of setting up various AWS services, ensuring they are aligned with your business needs. Whether it’s EC2 instances, S3 storage, VPC configurations, or any other AWS service, we provide step-by-step assistance, ensuring your resources are optimized for performance, security, and scalability.
2. Performance Optimization
Our professionals will help you identify performance bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization, and enhance the responsiveness of your applications. From monitoring and analyzing metrics to recommending improvements and implementing best practices, we’ll ensure your AWS infrastructure operates at its best.
3. Database Management
We offer guidance in setting up and managing AWS database services such as Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, and Amazon Aurora. Our experts assist in database design, optimization, scaling, and backup strategies, ensuring your data is secure, available, and well-organized.
4. Machine Learning on AWS
Our experts can walk you through the process of building machine learning models on AWS using services like Amazon SageMaker. From data preprocessing to model training and deployment, we’ll help you harness the power of AI to make informed decisions.
5. Backup and Disaster Recovery
We guide you in implementing robust backup and disaster recovery strategies on AWS. Whether it’s setting up automated backups, configuring cross-region replication, or devising recovery plans, our professionals ensure your data remains safe and recoverable.
6. Migration to AWS
Migrating your applications and workloads to AWS requires careful planning and execution. Our experts offer comprehensive support throughout the migration process. We help you assess your existing infrastructure, devise migration strategies, and execute the move while minimizing disruptions. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition to AWS with minimal downtime.

What is QA Selenium Online Training?

QA Selenium online training equips QA professionals and developers to automate web application testing efficiently. Participants learn how to leverage Selenium for:

  • Browser compatibility testing across environments.
  • Creating robust and reusable test scripts.
  • Reducing execution time for regression suites.
  • Enhancing test coverage through data-driven testing.
  • Integrating with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps.

Who Benefits from Our Selenium Online Training Services?

Our comprehensive Selenium courses are ideal for:
QA analysts and test automation engineers
Developers tasked with test automation
Web application teams seeking faster release cycles
Anyone who wants to gain expertise in open-source test automation
Professionals Aiming for Skill Enhancement
Professionals seeking to elevate their data science skills and knowledge can rely on our support to provide them with insights and solutions that lead to skill enhancement and mastery.

QA Selenium Online Training Curriculum

1.1 Automation Testing Overview & Process
  • What is automation testing
  • Why Testing tools?
  • Difference between manual & Automation Testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • When to start Automation Testing
  • Tool Evaluation or POC
  • Types of Automation tools
    • Licensed Tools
    • Open Source Tools
  • Test Automation Fundamentals
  • Automated Testing
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Limitations of Automation Testing
  • Automation Testing Tools
  • Test Automation Tool Evaluation
1.2 Introduction to Selenium
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP
  • Selenium Components
    • Selenium IDE
    • Selenium RC
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Selenium GRID
  • Object Identification/Locators
    • Introduction to element locators
    • Types of Element Locators
    • Writing Xpath Manually
    • Types of Xpath
    • findElement & FindElements
    • Element locators on different browsers

2.1 Core Java Fundamentals

  • About Eclipse
  • Installation of Java
  • Installation of Eclipse IDE
  • Creating Project in eclipse
  • Writing & Executing programs in Eclipse IDE
  • Eclipse and Selenium together
  • Debugging using Eclipse

2.2 Language Fundamentals

  • History & Features of Java
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Keywords & Class and Object
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Arrays, Construction, and Initialization
  • Conditional Statements
    • if else condition
    • nested if else condition
    • Switch case statement
    • Examples for all the if conditions
  • Loop Statement
    • While Loop
    • Do-while
    • For loop
    • Foreach loop
    • Examples for loops
  • Keywords
    • break
    • continue
    • Examples for keywords
  • Arrays
    • What is Array
    • Advantages of Array in Java
    • Working with Array and ForEach loop
    • Examples for Array

2.3 Packages, Classes, and Objects

    • What are Packages
    • Creating packages, Class & Objects
    • Types of Methods
    • Writing user-defined methods
    • Inheritance
      • What is Inheritance
      • Advantage of inheritance
      • Types of Inheritance
      • Examples for inheritance
    • Polymorphism
      • What is polymorphism
      • Method OverLoad
      • Method OverRide
      • Examples
    • Encapsulation
      • Introduction
      • Examples
    • Abstraction
      • Define Abstraction Class
      • Define Abstract Methods
      • Steps to define Abstraction
    • Interface
      • Implementing interface
      • Difference between Abstraction & Interface
      • Implements vs extends

3.1 Basic Selenium / Web Driver

  • Introduction to selenium
  • Advantages of web driver
  • Web Driver v/s RC
  • Architecture of Web Driver and RC
  • Configure Selenium with Eclipse IDE(Adding Selenium jar files)
  • Working with drivers Firefox, Chrome & IE, etc…
  • Creating generic scripts in Web Driver
  • Navigate methods

3.2 Advanced Stuff

  • Alerts, Frames, Windows
    • Handling alerts
    • Alert interface methods
    • Handling Frames/Iframes
    • Locating Frames
    • Switching between Frames
    • Using window handler methods
    • Switching between windows
  • Dropdown, WebTable page back commands
    • Handling dropdown
    • Select class methods
    • Select Single value & multiple values
    • Reading data from webtable
    • Page back commands

3.3 Synchronization

  • Introduction to wait Methods
  • Use of Wait methods in selenium
  • Types of Wait Methods
  • Difference between Thread.sleep, Implicit Wait & Explicit Wait
  • Different Expected Conditions in Webdriver

3.4 Miscellaneous

  • Capturing screenshots
  • How to take data from DB
  • Handling Ajax events
  • Capturing screenshot on failure
  • Handling Auto Suggestions
  • Different Selenium Exceptions
  • File upload and download
  • Robot Class, Mouse Events
    • Robot class in Web driver
    • Simulating Keyboard Events
  • Windows popup using Robot class
  • Action class
    • Mouse Over Actions
    • Drag & Drop Actions
  • JavaScript Executor in Web driver
    • What is a JavaScript Executor?
    • What is a JavaScript Executor in Selenium?
    • When we have to use JavaScript Executor

3.5 Working with Excel

    • Configure Apache POI with Eclipse
    • Workbook, Sheet, Row, Cell, methods
    • HSSFWorkbook, HSSFSheet, HSSFRow, HSSFCell methods
    • How to Read data from Excel file(XLS or XLSX)
    • How to Write data to excel file

4.1 Automation Framework Implementation

  • Modular Framework
  • TestNG Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • POM Framework

4.2 TestNG and Junit in Selenium

  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • TestNG Features
  • Configure TestNG with Eclipse
  • Writing Selenium testing script from scratch
  • Running the Test
  • Checking the reports generated by TestNG
  • Annotations used in TestNG
  • Prioritizing Tests
  • TestNG with Excel data
  • Create Testng.xml
  • Creating and running Test suites using TestNG
  • Skipping Tests
  • Setting priority of execution for test cases
  • Executing a group of regression/sanity/smoke test cases using TestNG

4.3 Advanced TestNG concepts

    • Printing the log statements in TestNG report
    • TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
    • Running Parallel & Distributed tests

5.1 Log4j

  • Log4j Introduction
  • Usage of Logger
  • Add Log4j Jars
  • Integrate Log4j in Selenium
  • How to Integrate Log4j in Framework

5.2 Jenkins Integration

  • Why Jenkins
  • Installation of Jenkins
  • Steps to integrate Jenkins
  • Configure Email notification in Jenkins
  • Scheduling Jenkins Jobs
  • Integration with Selenium Scripts and Running Scripts
  • Creating a Batch file
  • Executing scripts using a batch file

5.3 GitHub Integration

  • What is GitHub
  • How to create a Github Account
  • Setup of GitHub in Eclipse
  • What is Commit and push
  • Steps to perform Push and Commit
  • Integrating with Framework

5.4 Maven

  • What is Maven?
  • Using the pom.xml file
  • Setting up the Maven project in the eclipse editor
  • Building and running the selenium Maven project
  • Adding Dependencies to pom.xml
  • Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven

5.5 Cucumber Tool with WebDriver

  • Cucumber tool Overview
  • Difference between Cucumber & other automation tools
  • Preparing Features File having test scenarios
  • Writing Runner Class
  • Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
  • Cucumber HTML Reports
  • Usage of cucumber tool with WebDriver

5.6 Cucumber

  • Behavioral Driven development (BDD)
  • Cucumber Project Setup
  • Feature file
  • Gherkin language
  • Working with a simple scenario
  • Working with Datatable

5.7 Design Pattern

  • Page Object Model
  • Page Factory

5.8 Sikuli/Auto it Tool for handling windows

  • Sikuli Overview
  • Why Sikuli?
  • Configure Sikuli with Selenium
  • Sikuli scripts in Selenium WebDriver

5.9 Selenium Grid

    • Selenium Grid Overview
    • Hub & Node details
    • Desired Capabilities & Remote WebDriver
    • Configure Hub & Node
    • Executing scripts using Grid

6.1 Introduction to Web Services

    • Protocol used in web services
    • Components of web services
    • RESTful API response code
    • Commonly used REST API HTTP methods
    • Sample program to run API

Our Approach to AWS Online Training

We recognize the importance of personalized guidance and practical experience. Our approach entails connecting you with seasoned AWS professionals who not only understand the theoretical aspects but also excel in real-world implementations. With a focus on hands-on assistance, troubleshooting, and skill enhancement, we ensure that your journey through AWS is marked by confidence, competence, and accomplishment.
Real-Time Solutions for AWS Challenges

Experience immediate relief with our experts' rapid responses, ensuring you efficiently address AWS hurdles and maintain project momentum.

Project-Centric AWS Support for Your Goals

Tailored to your project's unique requirements, our guidance ensures you achieve AWS objectives effectively and align with your overarching goals.

Enhance Your AWS Skills with Guided Support

Elevate your AWS expertise through hands-on support, gaining practical insights that empower you to navigate AWS intricacies with confidence.

Comprehensive AWS Problem-Solving Approach

Embrace a holistic problem-solving strategy that encompasses diverse AWS issues, empowering you to overcome challenges across the spectrum of services.

Continuous AWS Mastery Through Personalized Guidance

Cultivate lasting AWS proficiency with ongoing personalized mentorship, ensuring you stay ahead by continually refining your skills with expert assistance.

Skill Strengthening - Mastering PHP Proficiency

We empower you with knowledge, fostering the growth and mastery of PHP's intricacies.

Flexible Access

Access your training materials 24/7 to accommodate your schedule and location.

Continuous Learning Path for PHP Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond issue resolution; we pave the way for continuous learning and the pursuit of PHP excellence.


Our ultimate goal is your success. We measure our effectiveness by the positive impact our support has on your project outcomes and skill growth.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with you, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange that empowers you to become more self-reliant over time.

Why Choose RR Swift Selenium Online Training Course?

Experience AWS support that bridges the India-USA gap. Our seasoned AWS professionals provide tailored, cost-effective guidance, aligning with your local time zones. Enjoy flexible scheduling, project-specific assistance, and comprehensive skill enhancement, eliminating the need for full-time hiring.
Specialized courses for Selenium testing roles
We offer dedicated courses for test automation engineers, QA analysts, developers, and other roles.
Small batches for personalized attention
With small class sizes, you receive focused guidance from your trainer.
Schedules customized to individual needs
Our flexible schedules adapt to your availability for a personalized learning plan.
No prerequisites
learn from the basics. No prior coding or automation experience needed – we teach from the ground up.
Lifetime access to training content
Review recordings, code, and materials forever for continuing learning.
Live hands-on exercises on real projects
Apply your skills through interactive exercises using actual web apps.
Guidance on certification exams
We provide tips, mocks, and mentoring to prepare for Selenium certifications.
24/7 expert mentorship and doubt support
Direct access to trainers and technical experts to get help anytime.

Connect for Selenium Online Training Course Details!

    FAQs About Selenium Online Training Course

    Our courses focus on Selenium WebDriver using Java/Python, framework design, CI/CD integration, cross-browser testing, Mobile/Grid, and more.
    No prerequisites. Our courses are for beginners to advanced users. Fundamentals are covered for those new to coding or automation.
    Live interactive sessions are conducted remotely using video conferencing tools. Learners only need a laptop and an internet connection.
    Yes, we provide sample real-world projects and code repositories for practical exercises during training.
    You can reach out to your trainer directly or our 24/7 technical support for lifetime mentoring on any concept.


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