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Cyber Security Courses After 10th: Fees, Eligibility, Duration

With the surge in cyber threats, India is projected to face a shortfall of over 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2025, as reported by NASSCOM. This opens up promising career prospects for 10th-grade students who pursue short-term cybersecurity courses. By obtaining certifications in ethical hacking, data protection, and access control systems, young learners can venture into the highly sought-after field of cybersecurity. This guide delves into the scope of cybersecurity employment in India, the structure of available courses, eligibility criteria, salary prospects, job outlook, and other essential aspects to aid student decision-making.

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity encompasses the protection of computer systems, servers, mobile devices, electronic devices, networks, and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities, and attacks. According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), more than 6.07 lakh cyber security incidents, such as phishing, network scanning, and virus attacks, were reported until June 2021. This underscores the growing imperative for cybersecurity to safeguard data and digital infrastructure.

Cyber Security Courses After 10th in India

Cybersecurity offers promising career avenues for students who have completed their 10th grade and are seeking alternative academic options beyond traditional fields. Short-term certification and diploma programs equip students with skills related to security awareness, data protection, ethical hacking, and network protocols while providing exposure to the industry.

The Rise of Cybersecurity: Why It Matters

With the increase in digitalization across industries, the volume of business-critical data is skyrocketing. From healthcare companies to financial institutions to government agencies, digital assets necessitate robust protection against internal and external threats. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to surge significantly by 2025. It’s projected that there will be 3.5 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide, marking a remarkable 350% increase over an eight-year span. This presents significant opportunities for certified professionals in domains such as information security auditing, vulnerability assessment, application security, and penetration testing.

Scope of Cyber Security Courses

Various career paths leverage cybersecurity skills, including:

1. Cyber Security Analyst: 

Continuously monitors systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks to safeguard data.

2. Information Security Engineer: 

Designs and develops solutions for data and systems protection in alignment with policies and regulations.

3. Network Security Administrator: 

Responsible for implementing firewalls, security controls, and access governance across computer networks.

4. Security Consultant: 

Audits an organization’s IT infrastructure to assess risks and guides to improve security posture through configurations and employee training.

According to forecasts by the Data Security Council of India, the cybersecurity landscape is expected to grow substantially, with a demand for approximately 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2025.

Top Companies Hiring Cyber Security Professionals?

Company Profile
Cisco World’s largest technology solutions provider in IT and network security
Palo Alto Networks Leading next-gen cybersecurity company
Quick Heal Largest endpoint security and data protection solutions provider in India
Tata Consultancy Services Top IT services, consulting and business solutions organization
Wipro Global information technology, consulting and business process services company

How much do Cyber Security Analysts Earn in India

As per data from the leading salary estimation platform PayScale, a Cyber Security Analyst in India can earn an average salary of ₹595,218 per year. Entry-level professionals in cybersecurity fields can expect salaries ranging from ₹3-6 lakhs per annum. Mid to senior-level Cyber Security Analysts with 5 to 7 years of experience can earn significantly higher, between ₹10-25 lakhs per annum, depending on the role and industry. Leadership positions can draw total compensation packages in excess of ₹50 lakhs yearly.

Different Types of Cyber Security Courses After 10th

Students interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity have flexible options, including:

1. Online and Offline Short-Term Certificate Courses:

Overview: Affordable short-term certification programs provide a foundation for cybersecurity concepts.

Eligibility: 10th pass or 12th appearing/passed candidates.

Duration: Can range from a few weeks to 6 months depending on the course depth.

Syllabus: Introduction to Cyber Security, Networking Fundamentals, OS concepts, Data Protection, etc.

Fees: Can range from ₹5,000 to ₹60,000 based on duration and levels.

2. Diploma Courses:

Overview: In-depth diploma education in cybersecurity topics preparing for industry careers.

Eligibility: 10+2 passed/appearing candidates.

Duration: Typically 1 year.

Syllabus: Information Security, Web Security, Network Security, Cyber Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Project Work.

Fees: Can range between ₹50,000 to ₹3 lakhs per annum.

Top Colleges: National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Indian School of Ethical Hacking.

Why Cyber Security Courses After 10th?

Cyber security courses after the 10th standard help students gain in-demand skills and kickstart careers in this rapidly growing field. The courses provide hands-on exposure to the latest technologies, preparation for certifications, and development of expertise in ethical hacking and data protection. 

  1. Develop in-demand tech skills needed across industries.
  2. Gain plenty of entry-level job and internship opportunities.
  3. Build expertise in ethical hacking and data protection.
  4. Showcase technology passion and aptitude.
  5. Flexible duration options from short-term to 1 year.
  6. Hands-on exposure to the latest tools and technologies.
  7. Preparation for highly valued industry certifications.

Career Opportunities After Completing Cyber Security Courses

Upon gaining certified cybersecurity skills, graduates can explore roles in:

  1. Public and private sector companies are seeking security administrators to safeguard systems.
  2. IT and software services firms require security analysts for customers.
  3. Banks and financial services institutions aim to protect online transactions.
  4. Law enforcement agencies like the police for digital forensics and cybercrime investigations.

Is Cyber Security a Good Career in India?

With digitization, cloud infrastructure, and remote connectivity becoming integral for organizations, the demand for cybersecurity experts will continue to rise. According to NASSCOM, India specifically faces a skilled talent shortage, with openings exceeding supply. Cyber Security jobs offer future-proof careers with immense growth trajectories. Professionals skilled in ethical hacking, risk management, and data security will find excellent public and private sector opportunities, in addition to overseas options.

FAQs about Cyber Security Courses After 10th

Q1. Is there any prior knowledge required for the Cyber Security course?

While a basic understanding of computers and software helps, even fresh 10th-pass candidates can start cybersecurity courses. Fundamentals are covered before specializations.

Q2. How much does the Cyber Security online course cost?

Online courses’ prices can range from ₹4000 to ₹50,000 based on duration and certification levels.

Q3. Is the Cyber Security course instructor-led or self-paced?

Formats include recorded content for self-learning as well as live instructors teaching cohorts.

Q4. Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the online Cyber Security course?

Learners receive certificates from accredited institutes upon satisfying assessment criteria and signifying course completion.

Q5. Are there any prerequisites for the online Cyber Security course?

General awareness of computer applications and basic English language skills suffice to enroll.


With abundant jobs and attractive salaries, cybersecurity presents a promising career option for 10th-pass students. Available flexible course options equip learners with much sought-after data protection and ethical hacking skills. Before enrollment, evaluate program duration, certification validity, faculty experience, and placement support for informed decisions.

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