Cloud Computing Online Training

RR Swift Solutions provides Cloud Computing Online Training & Classroom Training course by excellent experienced IT professionals. Our trainer has good training experience so that best quality output will be delivered. All our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule was given. we provide classes through Cloud Computing online by using the world-class interactive system. We also give interview support & Technical support. We market your profile in USA, UK SINGAPORE, INDIA, and SOUTH AFRICA. We trouble shoot your problems both theoretically & practically during the Online & Classroom Training , even after the course completion. After completion of your Cloud Computing Training training, we will help you to clear your interviews. We will give you 100% Satisfaction and We provide best quality real time online & Classroom training.

1. Data Centre footprints & Concepts
2. Introduction To cloud
  • Virtualization concepts
  • Types of Virtualization & its benefits
  • Introduction to Various Virtualization OS
  • Vmware , KVM etc
  • HA/DR using Virtualization
  • Moving VMs
  • SAN backend concepts
  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • Cloud Building Blocks
  • Understanding Public &Private cloud environments
3. Cloud as IaaS
  • Private Cloud Environment
  • Basics of Private cloud infrastructure
  • QRM cloud demo
  • Public Cloud Environment
  • Understanding & exploring Amazon Web services
  • Managing and Creating Amazon EC2 instances
  • Managing  and Creating  Amazon EBS volumes
  • Tata Cloud details & demo
  • Managing Hybrid Cloud environment
4. Setting up  your own  Cloud
  • How to build private cloud using open source tools
  • Understanding  various cloud plugins
  • Setting up your own cloud environment
  • Autoprovisioning
  • Custom images
  • Integrating tools like Nagios
  • Integration of  Public and Private cloud
5. Future directions
  • Cloud Domain and scope of work
  • Cloud as PaaS, SaaS
  • Cloud Computing Programming Introduction
  • Trends and market of cloud

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