Refund Policy

RR Swift Solutions provides a transparent online resolution procedure for settling disputes and may direct refund requests through that channel after confirming with us, so that we may make alternative suggestions for resolving such requests.

From the date of training period After the first 30 days have elapsed, a refund request will normally not be accepted unless there are convincing reasons justifying a refund.

During this period, RR Swift Solutions will usually require a corporate or educator to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why a refund is merited and why the request was not made earlier. RR Swift Solutions will refer the request to the trainer or service provider before determining whether or not a refund should be granted.

Trainer or service provider may decide to give a refund during this period.
RR Swift Solutions may still consider the validity of refund claims up to a certain period from the date of training and may issue a refund at its absolute discretion.